St James Veterinary Group have a strong Farm Animal Team, treating a whole range of animals, from sheep and cattle to pigs and alpacas to poultry and goats.

Our Farm Animal Team provide their own emergency cover, so if you do need us, it will be the faces you are used to seeing on your farm, regardless of what time of day or night. The Farm Animal Team carry out a comprehensive list of services, including

    • Farm Health Planning
    • Farming Connect Mentor Scheme
    • Disease Investigation - Herd and Individual
    • Lambing, Calving and Cesareans
    • Worming Programs
    • TB Testing
    • Routine Fertility Work
    • Bio-Security Advice
    • Small Holder Services
    • Pregnancy Diagnosis - manual and with Easi-Scan
    • Castrating, De-Horning and other Surgical Procedures
For any information or to request a visit, ring us on  01792 403600