St James Veterinary Group's own Equine Team are there for you 24/7, 365 days a year for comprehensive veterinary care of your horses, ponies and donkeys.

Geriatric Health Check

Our horses are healthier and living longer, but it is important to ensure our older companions are not forgotten.

With St James Geriatric Health Check we can pick up any signs of developing old age problems before they become a problem.

Includes -

  • General health check
  • Visit to your horse (on the day related to your area)
  • Mobility assessment
  • Dental check and routine rasp (sedation included)
  • Faecal worm egg count
  • Blood test to check hematology and liver and kidney function and muscle enzymes (Gold Check)
  • Eye examination with an opthalmoscope (Gold Check)
  • Written report of findings and a tailored plan for your geriatric friend once results are assessed

The Geriatric Health Check will ensure we are doing as much as possible to maintain the health of our older horses for as long as possible, whilst giving you a discount of over 25% off routine prices.

Keep your horse happy and healthy - Sign up for the St James Geriatric Health Check!


The Equine Team are working to become REACT champions. This is an initiative with the British Horse Society and University of Nottingham to promote awareness of colic with horse owners and veterinary practices.
Information can be found in the following link:



This summer it was Strangles awareness week. This is a campaign run by RedWings, BHS, KBHH, BEVA and other organisations. The Equine team all took 'the pledge to stamp out strangles'. More information can be found in the following link:

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